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Aquatic Plus Trading Co.,Ltd.  We have many standard discus farming in our network discus supplies , they can breeding and supplies variety of discus fish and  high quality discus fish  supply to  our company for our current customers and for our future customers too.    


Discus fishes are for the specialist fish keeper, as they require highly specific water conditions :  water must soft, slightly acidic and filtered thought peat. several aquarium-bred subspecies  of varying colors are available.


Water conditions
neutrality of water 6 to 7 pH
hardness 1.12 °dH to 2.8 °dH degrees German Hardness

28° to 30°



Quarantine process
Discus are selected and then removed to be placed into tanks located in the quarantine section.

Quality Control
During the next two days, the discus are inspected by our master breeder for quality control check. Any discus fish found not meeting the quality standard will be removed and replaced by another.

Minimum of four days is required to condition the discus before shipment date. During this period, the discus will not be fed and water temperature lowered to 26°C.

Discus are packed two hours ahead before being shipped to the airport. Depends on the location of the airport chosen, travel time varies from 1 hour to 4 hours. Upon reaching the airport, health authorities and customs will inspect the shipment before loading into the plane for their final journey.

Mortality Rate
Base on our experience in shipping to locations where travel time takes between 36 hours to 40 hours (from packing to unpacking), mortality rate is less than 1%.


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We have stock of Discus fish ready to ship  :  


                 1. The Color of popular  Discus Fish : 

                           German Turquoise,Red Snakeskin,Striped Pigeon, Snakeskin, Mandarin Orange, Siam Ruby, Super German Red, German Striped, Cobalt Diamond, Red Diamond, Red Marboro, Blue Green, Brown, Super Red & Blue, German Cobalt Blue, Pearl Pigeon, Blue Diamond, Pigeon Blood, Red, Yellow Neck, Turquoise / Red, Supper Red / Turquoise, Super Pigeon Blood, German Purple, Red Eagle, Golden Pigeon, Gold Face, Ghost, Snakskin Pigeon Discus, Assorted Discus.


                 2. Size    1.5" , 2" , 2.5" , 3" , 3.5" ,4" , 5"


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