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Bangkok Aqua Plus.

We have biggest network of tropical fish breeding and tropical fish supply that we can supply various of freshwater aquarium fish  and continues to importer , wholesaler and or transship per. We are tropical fish exporter  pass the quality standards  for export farm control from DOF of Thailand .

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Aquarium Fish Wholesale

We are aquarium fish wholesale that we supplies to aquarium fish wholesales supplier in worldwide market, we supplies all kind of freshwater tropical aquarium fish more than 300 species from Thailand that very popular aquarium fish in the world. our farm and warehouse are the ornamental tropical fish disease free farm certify by the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operative of Thailand. and all of our live fish export pass the health quality and disease control had the Live Aquatic Animal Health Certificate from Aquatic Animal Health Research Institute. we had worldwide tropical fish wholesale export 15 year experience.

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Aquarium fish List or Types of aquarium fish

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 Why you must buy fish from our company

Our Business Policy for all customers freshwater fish importers :

  • we only supply high quality of various  freshwater tropical aquarium fish.
  • we have provide high standard of live tropical fish exporters process. (quarantine, packing material and equipment machine , transportation and delivery services , all document provide for all country importer request)
  • we can offer competitive price for all customers that are Aquarium fish importers , Aquarium Fish Wholesalers or tropical fish retailers.
  • we guarantee alive delivery all freshwater fish on the best condition if had DOA , we compensate 100%**

Golden Endler guppy
Poecilla Reticulata
Size :
Packing : 0 Pcs./ box

Platinum endler guppy
Poecilla Reticulata
Size :
Packing : 0 Pcs./ box

Blue Endler Guppy
Poecilla Reticulata
Size :
Packing : 0 Pcs./ box

Pink Endler Guppy
Poecilla Reticulata
Size :
Packing : 0 Pcs./ box

Yellow Endler Guppy
Poecilla Reticulata
Size :
Packing : 0 Pcs./ box

Pink Gold Endler guppy
Poecilla Reticulata
Size :
Packing : 0 Pcs./ box

Male Full Gold Guppy fish
Poecilla Reticulata
Size :
Packing : 0 Pcs./ box

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